About GOTREND Technology

GOTREND was founded in the year 2000 as a professional inductor manufacturer, inductor design house. We provide high quality inductor solutions for both traditional and smart technology trends in the Wireless Charging, Smart Living, Industry Automation, Communication and Intelligent Automotive application sectors.

Taiwan Inductor Manufacturer【GOTREND】 - Our established clientele includes renowned global brands such as Apple, SONY, Microsoft, Toshiba, BMW, and more. We deliver high-quality products for the automotive and various application markets, featuring outstanding flexibility in customized design while adhering to stringent product quality standards, including AEC-Q200 and IATF16949.

Product Lineup : Automotive inductor (AEC-Q200 Compliant), SMD power inductor (Inductive Components), Assembly Unshielded Inductor、Assembly Shielded Inductor、Multilayer Chip Inductor 、High Current Air Gap Bead Inductor、High current flat wire inductor、High Current Molded Inductor、Coupled Power Inductor、Uncoupled Dual Inductor、Wireless Power Transmission、Dip Power Inductor、Common Mode Choke、Common Mode filter、High Current Ferrite Bead、Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead、Air Coil、Multilayer Ceramic High-Frequency Inductor 、High Frequency Wound Inductor、High Q Inductor、3D SMD RFID Transponder

The Industry's First

We are able to create unique specification inductors that cater to our client’s special requirements. GOTREND produced industry first GTSD special inductor package series in the past that had been used in a wide range of applications including both consumer and industrial applications in Asia.

DUNS Awardsof Year 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019


GOTREND Technology Inc As A Green Enterprise For Global Sustainability

It is stated in our company philosophy that GOTREND Enterprise Group had the vision of setting up a dream enterprise that work for the sustainable growth, learning, creativity, profitability and happiness of every employee, partners, our customers, investors, and in helping to bring about a better living world. We respect Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), support actions towards better environmental protections and are committed to design, manufacture and produce energy efficient, environmental friendly products.

Green Promises

Green manufacturing is our belief and all GOTREND products including raw materials, spare parts, solvents, consumables, packing materials, as well as production process are in conformity with WEEE(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2002/96/EC)and RoHS compliance. GOTREND preferred eco-friendly manufacturing methods and materials.

No Child Labor/ Blood Mines

GOTREND opposes any form of work discriminations or injustice, child labor abuse or use of blood mine materials. We insist on running highest business integrity standards towards our employees and all stakeholders. Employees are expected to conform to our code of ethics and integrity principles.

Social Responsibilities

GOTREND supports positive roles and events in industry and business communities in bringing about new technologies that contribute to better society livings. We also provide supports to minority nonprofit organizational fund raising group purchase activities. It is in our business belief that no matter how the world changes and time eclipses, we are willing to work harder and go further to contribute to the changing innovative smart technologies that will make the world a better living place for everyone. We recruit talents that value integrity, responsibility, fidelity, honesty, business loyalty and possess the love for the sustainability of the earth.

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