Launch of GTV-Dual, which can carry more than 100Amp of high current/ ultra-low DC impedance,can be adapted to the Intel VR14 / VRM14+



Launch of ultra-low impedance GSFM series / vertical GSTX metal powder molded high-current inductor series .


Successfully developed a wide range of metal powder molded high-current inductors for IPC/ Server/ VGA/ MB/ Automotive.



  • Launch of a simple, low-cost version of the 3D Transponder GTX-SA314L
  • Established Guangxi TecTrend Electronics Production Automation NR/Molding Choke
  • The capital amount of GOTREND registered to NTD 200 million


  • Apple MFi wireless charging pad certification.
  • Mass production of Nissan/ Tier1 for wireless charging of vehicles, VW models/Ford, Hyundai models.
  • TS16949 successfully renewed and converted to IATF16949+ISO9001 2019.


Development of automotive 5 Coil TX WPC, BMS/ OBC application of high current low impedance choke / common mode filter (Flat Wire Low DCR Choke & Common mode filter).


Developed VR triaxial sensor product applications.



  • Expanded operations to become a supplier of Wireless Charging Coils for Qualcomm Toq Smart Watch.
  • Passed TS16949 certification, focusing on the development of wireless charging products for automotive / wearable / mobile device.
  • Automotive three-axle induction coil GTX-SA314 product development success.


Automotive induction coil GRFT successfully mass-produced for door sensing.



Planning vehicle system certification TS16949 / Audi vehicle inductance into mass production.


  • In response to China's industrial development policy, a branch factory was set up in Shaanxi/ Hunan to save labor costs.
  • R&D and mass production of WPC wireless charging coils and magnetic materials, GW series, and became a cooperative development partner of IDT/ NXP/ TI.
  • AECQ grade ,Vehicle inductors were successfully mass-produced/ China's largest automaker successfully introduced mass production


Development of miniaturized and high-current products, GNR series of magnetic sealing adhesives, Metal Powder Molding GSTC/GSTD/GSTM series, etc.


  • GDLW0502 / GSDRK125 successfully solved the LED module Noise problem for Apple iMac, with monthly production and sales Qty of 2~3kk/pcs.
  • The company's headquarters was relocated to the Far East ABC Science Park in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City.
  • Capital register increased to NTD 100 million


  • Launched the automated production of GLP4012/ 4016/ 4018 SMD assembly inductors.
  • Established Guangzhou TecTrend Electronics.
  • Successfully developed an alternative to the Murata DLW52 series common mode inductors.


  • SSDs account for 80% of the market and become IC Controller partners.
  • Successfully developed air gap high-current inductors compatible with ViTEC Air Gap Choke GTV series.


  • GTSD series supply WiFi Dongle application customer base, monthly production and sales of more than 5 ~ 10KK. : SMD CHOKE has a total monthly output of 25KK, with monthly sales of more than 20KK, ranking first among Taiwanese companies.
  • Launched small Wire Wound Chip Inductor GNLC/ GNLE series for Lan Com & Broadband customers.
  • Guangzhou factory ETC Electronics passed ISO9001/ 14001/ QC080000/ OHSAS18001 certification.


  • Deeply cultivated the IPC market, market share up to 80% of the domestic and foreign customer groups .
  • Cut into the TFT panel customer , CMO/ Hanspree/ AUO successfully replaced the Japanese Sumitomo/ Coilcraft parts.
  • Security device market development, GOTREND leading promotion of SMD inductor SDR31/32/ GTSD32/53 series city , market share once over 70% .
  • Invested in Guangzhou ETC Electronics, with 800 employees, expanded capacity of SMD assembly chip inductors, with a monthly production capacity of 20kk.
  • Ultra-thin series GSCR/ GXRD cut into the TFT industry, supplying CMO/ AUO/ Hanspree and other panel manufacturers, leading Taiwan companies to replace foreign competitors.
  • Developed Molding high-current Dip inductor GMAT and GMAR series, which are widely used in motherboards and graphics cards to replace the traditional manual winding Ring Coil to bring benefits to the industry.
  • Become a qualified supplier of MOTOROLA, GSBS/ GSDRH assembled chip inductors and GTH high frequency ceramic winding inductors for STB/ Cable Modem applications.
  • 100% of the leading products in the same industry comply with the EU RoHS / REACH restrictions , and have obtained the priority recognition of many international IT manufacturers.
  • Excellent in QCDS , became a product development and design partner of Qualcomm/Atheros/Ralink/Realtech


Became a qualified supplier of Microsoft XBOX game console parts, replacing the well-known American Coilcraft products GDO/GDS/GSDRS, and the monthly shipment volume of the series reached more than 5~10kk.



Successfully developed the low profile product GTSD32P/ GSDR31P, the height is only 1.0mm, widely used in DSC products, up to 80% of the market share and customers love to use.

Guangzhou Yong Tong Electronics passed ISO9000 system certification .


  • Invested in Guangzhou Yong Tong Electronics to put into production of GTLQH series, supplying Microsoft ADSL Modem, with monthly production and sales of 10KK/M.
  • Successfully developed ER9.5 & EP13 SMD Transformer for ADSL, replacing European and American brands to provide better Q.C.D.S for LanCom customers.


One of the few leading Taiwan companies that successfully introduced electroplating technology into the mass production of SMT CHOKE, successfully developed the high-Q factor chip inductor GTLQH to replace the Murata LQH series for broadband ADSL.


GOTREND was established, with a capital of NTD10 million. Company is located in Banqiao, New Taipei City, and the main customer group is VGA/ IPC industrial computer .









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