Green manufacturing is our belief

Green manufacturing is our belief and all GOTREND products including raw materials, spare parts, solvent, consumables, packing materials, as well as production process are in conformity with WEEE and RoHS compliance. Our plants are located in Asia, with direct access to Asia's speed prototyping chain, and provide fast manufacturing services.

  • Green manufacturing
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment WEEE
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS

GOTREND Philosophy

Since GOTREND was founded in 2000, our founder, Mr. Robin Tsai, had the vision of setting up a dream enterprise that work for the continuous growth, learning, creativity, profitability and happiness of every employee, partners, our customers, as well as the bringing about of a better living world; through our product innovations and technologies.

It is the age of the changes, and the age of new opportunities. With the booming development of the Big Data technology and the advancement of the IoT everywhere, the vast electronics world is undergoing a revolutionary change and product trends are renewing and evolving into facets that were never seen or imagined before. Every product may be “Connected”, every product may be “Smart”. Our inductor product innovations and professional custom services will contribute our share of support for the new changes and advancement successes of our customers. We response to the smart changing trends and enable our customers' new product dreams to come true!

GOTREND's Mission Statement is clear :

“No matter how the world changes and time eclipses, we are willing to work harder and go further to contribute to the changing innovative smart technologies that will make the world a better living place for everyone.”


Our management upholds the principles of being devoted, dedicated and attentive in all GOTREND business management and in the pursue of sustainability and the continuous business growth of the company. We maintained a stable running business with growing profitability over the years and is now one of the nationally recognized, well-established blue chip company.

Our company culture regards our employees as the most important business foundation, whom together, may create the greatest wealth, prosperity and values for the company. Every employee shares the same business vision, as well as the fruits and profits of our businesses. We would work hard to create business success together, and we would share business successes and profits with employees, investors and our partners. We adapt Win-Win working philosophy with our customers.

GOTREND also provide good working environment for our employees, and encourage self improvement and continuous learning through internal courses, industry seminars and events. We also organize company recreational events and provide company oversea travel tours annually. Our staffs are young & vibrant and enjoyed these activities very much.








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