Ring Core Common Mode Filter【GTCM Series】 Stabilize signals, efficiently filter out noise interference.

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Ring Core Common Mode Filter【GTCM Series】 Stabilize signals, efficiently filter out noise interference.

The toroidal core filter is an earlier filter structure, but it remains indispensable in higher power industrial control electronic applications, meeting UL Class B standards.
GTCM Series can assist in ensuring the performance and reliability of electronic devices, playing a crucial role in various applications, including providing efficient interference filtering and enhancing signal quality.

In terms of structure, GOTREND can provide plug-in or surface mount designs based on application requirements and installation needs. We can customize solutions to meet higher insulation and withstand voltage requirements. 

If you need further information or wish to place an order, please contact the GOTREND professional team. We are dedicated to serving you wholeheartedly.



  • Material :Manganese-zinc magnetic material / 130℃-resistant enamel-coated round wire / PBT plastic casing / 35660 heat-resistant adhesive tape
  • Process :Semi-Automatic Winding Process
  • Structure :It can be designed in a plug-in or surface-mount style based on the application terminal mechanism and mounting requirements
  • Dimensions :11 x 5 mm ~ 45 x 32 mm
  • Electrical performance:Lower DCR allows for higher saturation current and temperature rise current in circuit applications
  • Working frequency :1KHz ~ 3MHz
  • Application frequency :1KHz ~ 500KHz
  • Working temperature :-40 ~ +85 degrees
  • Reliability :Complies with 10 reliability tests


  • GOTREND GTCM Series effectively filters out unwanted high-frequency noise and interference in circuits, ensuring the stability of signal quality. By reducing interference, it contributes to improved signal clarity and stability. 
  • The series finds widespread applications in various electronic devices, including communication equipment, power supplies, and audio devices. Installation at the application end is relatively simple, allowing for easy integration into existing electronic circuits. 
  • GOTREND offers a range of customized designs to meet various applications, helping you meet CE / FCC standards.
  • Price :Good value, better QCDS than competitors.
  • Delivery Time :Regular product transactions take 4~8 weeks, while non-standard products take 8~12 weeks.
  • Services :Made in mainland China, cross-strait inventory, global sales at home and abroad, high-speed logistics shipments
  • Stability : Over the past 23 years, we have consistently developed products and maintained robust operations to serve customers worldwide, ensuring quality, safety, and reliability.


  • UL Class B : Typically used in computer power supplies to filter common-mode electromagnetic interference signals. This enables electronic products to pass UL Class B safety certification.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) : Placed on power lines or signal lines to suppress the propagation of interference signals.
  • High-Frequency Filtering : The high-frequency amplifier filters out unwanted signal components.
  • Audio Applications : Applied in audio systems to enhance sound quality and eliminate unwanted signal components.
  • Electronic Test Equipment : Testing equipment filters and separates test signals to ensure the accuracy of the testing process.


Application circuit diagram 


Application circuit diagram GTCM Series


Dimensional Electrical Specification Comparison Table

Dimensional Electrical Specification Comparison Table

* Rated Current : Base on temp. rise up 40deg.C Typ.


Series Size Electrical Range Table

GTCM090503-HB Type

▶ Rated Current : Base on temp. rise up 40deg.C Typ.


Isat/ Irms Current Curves



The current specification of this series of products are all defined by Rated current for temperature rise of 40 deg.C. The curves are shown below :


Data Download


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