GOTREND Technology Co., Ltd. Announces Advanced 300W High Power Wireless Charging Module Series with 90% Power Efficiency For A

2017.7.4 New Products GOTREND Technology Co., Ltd.

GOTREND Technology Co., Ltd. announces the release of its advanced 300W high power wireless charging module series, an exclusive mass production ready device among industry first of its kind. Unlike traditional wireless charging coil modules that generally provides only 5W to 100W wireless charging power range, or with less than 85% power efficiency, GOTREND's new wireless charging module provides 300W high power charging for industrial and smart automobile devices with an impressive, up to 90 percent power charging efficiency.

The new GOTREND wireless charging module is flexible for use with different configuration high power batteries over 1200W. Its high power efficiency provides fast and adequate charging time for the rotate charging of industrial automated machinary and equipment. It is also an efficient power charging solution for AGV, AGC, RGV, electric forklift, golf cart, isolated medical or manufacturing equipment and smart automotive applications. GOTREND's new wireless technologies enables factory users to save dollar investments on the use and maintenance of cables and connectors, users also enjoy less hassles in related handling, cleaning, storage and factory space management.

The new GOTREND 300W wireless charging module comes with safety protection features & more: 1) Foreign Object Detection (FOD): high sensitive foreign body metal detection, adjustable sensitivity per requirements. 2) Over Temperature Protection (OTP): Temperature detection for over temperature protection, simultaneous temperature detection of antenna and board. 3) Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Input over-voltage protection. 4) Aluminum shell design, provides fast heat dissipation and better collision damage protection that may be caused by unmanned vehicle movement. 5) Provides longer non-contact wireless power charging up to 40mm distance apart, better than most market wireless charging devices that require less than 20mm charging gaps. 6) Output voltage adjustable, ranging from 24V ~ 50V, for wide range of applications.

Availability: Samples are available upon request, general order lead times are 8 to 10 weeks, with larger orders up to 12 weeks. Customized product configurations is possible base on client requirements.

About GOTREND Technology Co., Ltd.
GOTREND was founded in the year 2000 as a professional inductor design house, manufacturer and trading company. We provide high quality inductor solutions for both traditional and smart technology trends in the Wireless Charging, Smart Living, Industry Automation, Mobile & IoT Communication plus Intelligent Automotive application sectors. Established client applications with GOTREND products inside include esteemed brands such as Apple, SONY, Microsoft, Toshiba, BMW, etc. We offer superior quality products with custom design flexibility and in conformance to high product quality standards including AEC-Q200 and T16949.








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