The original logo used to look like this! Evolution of GOTREND CIS Logo

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GOTREND Technology CIS Logo Y2000~2010
【Careful, serious and responsible entrepreneurial spirit > grasp and follow up application trends > Rich product line】


At the inception of GOTREND, the global electronics industry was experiencing a robust development in various applications. The majority of high-end SMD magnetic component development and mass production were still dominated by Japanese, American, and European brands. Meanwhile, most Asian manufacturers remained confined to traditional plug-in magnetic components and manual wire winding, focusing primarily on general household appliances, PC power supplies, and motherboard markets.

However, right from the initial stages of its establishment, GOTREND astutely recognized emerging application trends such as networking, optoelectronics, storage, consumer entertainment, industrial control, and more. We directed our focus towards the demands of the advanced application market, developing surface-mounted (SMD Type) inductors, filters, transformers. Our approach was guided by solution design and marketing strategies, making use of limited resources. We embarked on self-branded research and development, producing in-house, while simultaneously nurturing exceptional satellite collaborative contract manufacturers. This effort resulted in a diverse product line and robust service capacity to meet the production and distribution needs of countless customers.

GOTREND Technology, with Careful, serious and responsible entrepreneurial spirit, directs its focus towards serving customers across various sectors. We bring clients better conditions and value in terms of QCDS (Quality/Cost/Delivery/Service) than external brand counterparts. Our unwavering commitment has garnered recognition and affirmation from countless customers, leading to mutual success.

GOTREND Technology New CIS 2011~Present
In 2010, GOTREND Team developed a development plan for the second decade from 2011 to 2020, proposing the following :
【Global Business Marketing, Meeting Global Customer Needs > Environmental Sustainability > Sustainable Operations】


Since 2010, there have been significant changes in global politics, economics, and industries. The electronics industry has also entered a more intense phase of competition. The rise of Asian manufacturers and the mass production and price wars of mid- to low-tier products have placed immense pressure on our team. However, this pressure has simultaneously ignited our determination to face even greater challenges. We began to contemplate the necessity of finding the next blue ocean, exploring high-end and complex product markets, breaking free from the confines of the Asian market, and strategizing for environmental sustainability.

Beyond price and delivery, what else holds greater importance?
We pondered several challenging directions : entering the automotive and medical application markets, expanding into overseas markets in Europe, America, and Japan, all while prioritizing sustainable development.
A new business strategy gradually took shape. With each successful challenge, the GOTREND team became more vital and ambitious. The emblem of the New CIS Logo communicates this clearly – we are still progressing. Despite the difficulties, we continue to strive and work hard, while simultaneously embracing the pains and joys of growth!

Meaning of the New CIS Logo :
Grey Diamond Background : Composed of four patterns, symbolizing our diverse range of magnetic component products.
Green Earth : While expanding its business and marketing globally, GOTREND also cares for and cherishes the Earth.
White arrows surround the earth : Signifies that GOTREND products follow advanced application trends while being marketed worldwide.
GOTREND Crosshair : Symbolizes our precise grasp of trend applications, serving and satisfying global customers with a spirit of Careful, serious, responsible, dedicated, teamwork and innovative.
Go Trend : Embracing Future Trends
Go Further : Strive to create and envision more for you.
Smarter : Flexible production and marketing strategies and more efficient service.









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