【GCMH Series】Common Mode Choke-An ideal choice for efficiently suppressing noise in power circuit designs-Low DCR

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GCMH series common mode choke coils(Common Mode Filter)


【GCMH Series】Common Mode Choke-Highly effective noise suppression, an ideal choice for enhancing power circuit designs-Low DCR

Common Mode Coil is a filter that reduces common-mode noise that becomes problematic in differential transmission lines, power lines, and audio lines. (Example: Universal Transport Interface Power Supply: Thunderbolt-3 / USB3.1&4.0 / HDMI 1.3& 2.1 / Type C / MIPI C-PHY...) etc. / Wireless charging transmission WPC / WiFi 6 / Automotive: CAN/CAN-FD/100Base-T1/1000Base-T1/SerDes/A2B®, etc.)
The characteristics of common mode chokes have no effect on the signal (high cutoff frequency) and are best suited for eliminating common mode noise from MHz to hundreds of MHz.

GOTREND  GCMH Series common mode choke coils (Common Mode Filter) are different from the traditional plug-in toroidal coil structure. They are wound with high magnetic permeability magnetic materials and flat copper wires. They can still have extremely low DCR under high inductance. Improve the saturation current and temperature rise current capability to meet the needs of the application side in the design of high-power lines.

GCMH Series is designed with the concept of power transformers, using high-strength Bakelite skeleton to carry. This not only enhances the overall structural strength but also promotes higher plug-in operation efficiency in application end production.
In addition, with the production of automatic flat copper wire winding equipment, effectively overcomes the problems of wire damage and short circuit caused by manual threading of traditional toroidal coils in the past.

High-quality electrical performance, high-strength product structure, and stable production quality are absolutely sufficient to meet the application requirements of automotive applications and high-end electronic products.



  • Material :Core-MnZn HR10K / Wire-SFT UEWH 180℃ / Bobbin-T375HF
  • Process :Fully automatic flat copper wire winding equipment production to ensure high production efficiency and stable quality.
  • Structure :High-strength bakelite material skeleton design, with high product strength and high temperature resistance.
  • Dimensions :21 x 17 x 14 mm ~ 35 x 36 x 20 mm
  • Electrical performance :Low Resistance, can carry higher saturation current and temperature rise current when applied to lines.
  • Working frequency :1.0KHz
  • Working temperature :-40~+125 degrees ( Including self temperature rise ).
  • Reliability:Passed 10 reliability tests and complies with AEC Q200 certification.


  • GOTREND GCMH Series Flat wire common mode inductors are mainly used in many fields such as 5G communication, industrial power supply, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, and so on. It has good high-voltage performance, Good suppression of EMC effect.
    Under high-power conditions, it exhibits low temperature rise and low losses.It boasts high productivity and can be easily integrated onto circuit boards.
  • Quality : IATF16949 – AECQ200
  • Price : Good value, better QCDS than competitors 
  • Delivery : 4~8Weeks for regular transactions, 8~12Weeks for non-routine transactions
  • Services : Made in mainland China, cross-strait inventory, global sales at home and abroad, high-speed logistics shipments


  • Applicable to various types of switching power supplies / industrial power supplies
  • Medical power supplies / LED drive power supplies
  • Inverters / automotive electronics / industrial equipment /office automation equipment / consumer electronics and household appliances.
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) including self temperature rise.

Circuit diagram  

GCMH Series Common Mode Filter-Highly effective noise suppression, an ideal choice for enhancing power circuit designs


Dimensional Electrical Specification Comparison Table

【GCMH Series】Common Mode Choke-Highly effective noise suppression, an ideal choice for enhancing power circuit designs


Series Size Electrical Range Table 


【GCMH Series】Common Mode Filter-Highly effective noise suppression, an ideal choice for enhancing power circuit designs
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