GOTREND Cares for Local Ecology, Supports Ecophotographer's Forest Conservation Work

2024.6.21 ESG Events GOTREND

"The Divine Realm"  Photography by Michael CHIH-MING


World Heritage Potential Site — Yilan Qilan Mountain

The only remaining ancient cedar forest in Asia is located in Yilan's Qilan Mountain, home to one of the seven remaining species of cypress on Earth. These cypresses are found in the eastern and western coasts of North America, Japan, and Taiwan, with Taiwan's cypress forests being the rarest and considered glacial relict species unique to the island.

Photographer Michael Chang, through his work, has traveled to many countries, experiencing various cultures and landscapes. However, a chance visit to Yilan's Qilan Mountain left him in awe of the world-class hideaway his homeland held, feeling the sanctity and grandeur of nature.

This experience inspired him to commit to telling the complete story of Taiwan's forests through images, embarking on a ten-year journey to capture the precious imagery of Taiwan's remaining sacred trees.

During his photography, Michael Chang witnessed the resilience of these sacred trees, which stood firm through typhoons, heavy rains, and lightning. However, after one typhoon, he saw a once-majestic sacred tree fallen, realizing that these seemingly eternal landscapes could vanish in an instant. Michael Chang reflects on the extreme anomalies of the world’s climate and hopes that his precious images will encourage everyone to cherish and preserve these forests and natural resources for future generations.

GOTREND not only cares about local ecology but also supports photographer Chi-Ming Chang's ecological photography by sponsoring his photography, publications, and book storage. Through these efforts, GOTREND aims to help more people recognize and protect these precious natural resources, inspiring public awareness and action for environmental conservation.



  • Symbiosis of Sacred Trees and Other Plants
    (Michael Chang 's Photography Collection "The Divine Realm")


  • Layers of Life
    (Michael Chang 's Photography Collection "The Divine Realm")

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