Evolution of Molding Inductor-Low DCR , High Saturation Current 【GSNH Series】

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Evolution of Molding Inductor-Low Impedance, High Saturation Current 【GSNH Series】


Evolution of Molding Inductor-Low DCR , High Saturation Current 【GSNH Series】

GOTREND has been dedicated to the development and design of molded power inductor for over a decade. Since 2012, we have started implementing automated production processes. In order to meet the efficiency requirements and miniaturization design of the consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and medical electronics markets, GOTREND has made advancements in new powder materials and automated production processes specifically for molded power inductors. As a result, the GSNH-Series was born.

Through the development of new nanocrystalline materials and the application of new automated hot pressing production techniques, GOTREND GSNH-Series not only enhances the structural integrity of the product but also improves the electrical performance in terms of low DC impedance and high saturation current. This significantly reduces copper losses and improves temperature performance compared to other products in the same industry. 


  • Material:Nano Crystal,High performance saturation current characteristics.
  • Process:Hot pressing integrated molding process to achieve higher reliability and robustness
  • Structure:one-piece molding, square structure, miniaturization design, suitable for SMD, low DCR
  • Dimensions:5.3x5.1x3.0mm, low height design, better performance/volume ratio
  • Electrical performance:lower DC resistance up to 0.85m Ohm , working temperature rise current up to 38.0Amp, higher saturation current up to 45.0Amp 
  • Working frequency:1 K ~3MHz
  • Working temperature:-55~+125 degrees
  • Reliability:Passed 10 reliability tests and complies with AEC Q200 certification


  • GOTREND GSNH-Series SMD molded power inductors are cost-effective and are very suitable for applications that require micro dimensions. Its magnetic shielding allows for high-density installation, using new amorphous nanocrystalline materials with high saturation current characteristics and lower DC resistance, which can enhance the inductance's ability to handle peak current.
  • Quality : IATF16949 – AECQ200
  • Price : Good value, better QCDS than competitors 
  • Delivery : 4~8Weeks for regular transactions, 8~12Weeks for non-routine transactions
  • Services : Made in mainland China, cross-strait inventory, global sales at home and abroad, high-speed logistics shipments


  • Automotive Application / Security / SSD / HDD / NAS
  • Game Console / Note Book / Ultra Book 
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−55°C to +125°C) with a maximum part temperature of 165°C

Application circuit diagram  

Application circuit diagram  


Dimensional Electrical Specification Comparison Table

Dimensional Electrical Specification Comparison Table

▶ Compared with other products with similar structures in the same industry, the DCR performance is the lowest, and the Isat performance is also above the level.

Series Size Electrical Range Table 


Series Size Electrical Range Table 
• Test Condition @1MHz , 1.0Vrms , 25℃ Ambient
• Inductance Tolerance : M = +/-20%
• Irms : Rated Current Loading when temperature rise approximately 40℃
• Isat : Saturated Current measured at the point of L drop approximately 30%
• The part temperature (ambient + temp rise) should not exceed 125℃ under worst case operating conditions.Circuit design,component,
PCB trace size and thickness, airflow and other cooling provisions all affect the part temperature. Part temperature should be verified in the end application.


Isat/ Irms Current Curves

 Isat/ Irms Current Curves
▶ Welcome to inquire about specifications and samples.
If you would like to further understand the relevant information, please contact us.

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