GOTREND announced to Join the“2023 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”

2023.7.13 ESG Events GOTREND

GOTREND announced to Join the“2023 TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”


At GOTREND, talent cultivation and development have always been key objectives in our business operations. In response to the ESG and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) movements and the global emphasis on corporate social responsibility for talent, we are pleased to announce our official membership in the "TALENT, in Taiwan" sustainable talent action alliance.

We commit to implementing the following six dimensions : 

1 、Meaning and Value
Since its establishment in 2000, GOTREND has upheld the entrepreneurial spirit of meticulousness, diligence, and responsibility, continuously striving for the development of product QCDS and earning recognition from our customers. Throughout this journey, we have been supported by numerous customers both domestically and internationally, which has contributed to our growth and success. However, as we reap the rewards, we have also become aware of the burdens on the environment, social issues, and the importance of a people-centric approach in our operations. This has led us to reflect on the meaning of "management" and the need for a broader perspective.

We have incorporated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) indicators into our corporate operations evaluation criteria. Apart from promoting sustainable business practices, this integration brings positive benefits to society, the environment, and the economy, which aligns with our vision and provides us with a clearer direction.

GOTREND team has engaged in collective learning to understand the spirit of ESG. We examine the development and production of our inductors, filters, and transformer components to minimize the generation of toxic substances, waste, scraps, and energy consumption. We strive for continuous improvement, aiming to better control these aspects. We also promote this mindset among our employees and encourage them to apply it to their personal lives. We have more green initiatives in the pipeline, including waste reduction, production waste management, process review for reduced losses, and initiatives addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, charitable donations, and a people-centric approach to enhance employee well-being and welfare, fostering inclusive and prosperous business optimization. All these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to ESG management.

2 、Diversity and Inclusion
GOTREND is dedicated to respecting and safeguarding the diversity of its members. We implement human rights policies and workplace behavior guidelines, creating a high-quality and friendly environment where everyone has the opportunity to showcase their expertise and unleash their full potential. Our team ensures equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, race, or educational background.

3 、Organizational Communication
GOTREND values effective communication. We conduct regular employee interviews, actively listen to their voices, understand their genuine concerns and suggestions, and promote collective growth within the organization. We emphasize transparency in our processes and maintain an open and fair spirit.

4 、Reward and Motivation
We provide a competitive reward system based on market standards. Regular assessments for promotion, performance bonuses, year-end bonuses, and team bonuses are conducted, taking into account the company's annual operating profit, team performance, and individual performance. We organize the monthly "GOTREND Star" program, allowing all colleagues to publicly nominate and recognize outstanding achievements. We have established a well-designed nomination and reward mechanism, publicly acknowledging and commending outstanding performance during monthly meetings, providing timely encouragement and recognition to employees.

5 、Physical and Mental Health
GOTREND is committed to providing a workplace that prioritizes health, safety, and sustainable business development for its employees. We offer comprehensive group insurance, regularly conduct employee health checks, and organize family days and sports events periodically to create a healthy environment for employees' physical and mental well-being, achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

6 、Talent Growth
GOTREND values employee learning and development. We provide internal education and training that covers product knowledge and technical skills across all units and departments. We also support external education and training, encouraging employees to engage in self-improvement. We conduct regular two-way communication between employees and supervisors/general managers to assist each employee in maximizing their potential.

Moving forward, we will continue to support initiatives in collaboration with 【World Learning】, 【Cheers Happy Workers】 and over 200 alliance partners, taking action to create a better future for every worker.








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