​【GSCM-SERIES】Common Mode Filter-The cleanest and noise-free option

2022.11.1 New Products GOTREND Technology Co.,Ltd

 GOTREND-Article-​【GSCM-SERIES】common mode filters-The cleanest and noise-free option
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With a wide variety of automotive electronics application products and various brands of EV electric vehicles are launched, and therefore ~ more electronic equipment to be integrated in the control circuit of the car, has been an increasingly challenging task, the matching and prevention of interference of each signal and power module, and to deal with sudden internal and external surge voltage interference and impact, so that the relevant signals and power supplies can have the cleanest, noise-free and safest transmission and operation, all rely on highly stable and reliable common mode filters to bear. 

GOTREND launched the Common Mode Filter GSCM706038P, GSCM907048P, and GSCM121160P, three size series compatible with Japanese and American competitor brands. Additionally, we have introduced a low-cost solution, the Common Mode Filter GCMC Series tin terminal version, for cost competition. We believe it can meet your various needs. Importantly, GOTREND's GSCM/GCMC Series has demonstrated stable performance for many years with numerous Tier1 customers and applications. We are confident that we can be your best automotive parts partner.

➤ For inquiries, please contact : sales@gotrend.com.tw

Feature :
• Cars with increasing safety and comfort are equipped with many electronic devices. Electronic circuits have signal lines and power lines, and noise prevention measures need to be taken separately. 
• GOTREND's common mode filters are characterized by a variety of product lineups that can be selected according to the application, and the GSCM series, which adopts a unique high-reliability terminal structure, and the cost-competitive GCMC Series, which pursues a product group that pursues compactness and thinness, adopts a unique high-reliability terminal structure in order to cope with strict environmental conditions for automotive applications.

Application : 
• Includes on-board power transmission
• Various DC power cords for safety purposes & EMI suppression
• Multimedia equipment 
• Common mode noise countermeasures for power lines of various electronic products


Advantage : ​
1. The square closed-circuit core designed as a special core is miniaturized while maintaining its characteristics. 
2. Due to the low height design, it is suitable for surface mounting. 
3. It has a high impedance characteristic that efficiently controls the effect of common mode noise. 
4. Up to 8A DC current can be used at 125°C. 
5. The operating temperature reaches a wide range of –40~+125°C.
6. Operating temperature range : –40 to +125°C (does not include self-heating.)
7. AEC-Q200 compliant

Application circuit diagram :​
Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】Application circuit diagram

【GSCM706038P-SERIES】 Specification : 
Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM706038P-SERIES Specification

Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM706038P-SERIES Specification

Common Mode Filter​【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM706038P-SERIES Specification

【GSCM907048P-SERIES】Specification : 
Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM907048P-SERIES Specification

Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM907048P-SERIES Specification

Common Mode Filter【GSCM-SERIES】-GSCM907048P-SERIES Specification

【GSCM121160P-SERIES】 Specification : 








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