How to determine whether the heat generation of the inductor is normal?​

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How to determine whether the heat generation of the inductor is normal?​


Combining a large number of engineering examples of work experience, the primary factors of high heating temperature of inductors can be summarized into the following 3 aspects:

1、The power circuit board design defects :

Caused by excessive heating in the inductor work, when the design load in the circuit is too heavy, or the current exceeds the range that the inductor can withstand, the inductor will work at a high load, it will cause the components to heat, and affect the inductor heat at the same time, there may be other components may also have problems. Usually the circuit board design is very strict, generally there will be no such problems, but it is also objective.

2、The inductor model selection is not correct caused by excessive heating:

The inductor model selection does not match the entire circuit, but also will make the inductor overload work phenomenon, and when the DC resistance of the inductor is larger, the heat loss of the inductor increases, resulting in inductor heating, and will cause a series of problems, such as too much heating and hot, circuit board damage, unstable characteristics, etc.

3、The inductor core powder formula is not suitable::

The core powder formula can be described as the key to the inductance, even if it is the same type of specification of the inductor, the core powder formula is not the same . As the characteristics reflected are not the same, of course, this kind of problem is easy to find through 100% full inspection test before the component manufacturer ships, and generally will not be found on the client side.


Since the root cause of inductor heating has been found, how to "symptomatic treatment"?
Let's talk about the solutions :

1、 The circuit board design leads to excessive heating problems during operation, when the product is promoted normally, and the problematic circuit board design is modified which will cause the cost to rise, in this case, it is not suitable for redesigning the circuit board, which may be considered from the inductor selection. If it is in the board design testing stage, it is a good treatment for board redesign.

2、 If the inductor model is mismatched, the requirements for the inductor are clear, and the inductance test can be re-selected. Pay special attention to whether the characteristics of the inductor can meet the needs of the circuit design, and if it is not clear how to choose the inductor, you can seek professional assistance.

3、If there is a problem with the inductive core powder formulation , this problem is more complicated, and it occurs more often in the process of inductor design and production. If it occurs, it is only determined according to the professional technicality of the test & validation. Once it is clear that it is a problem with the core powder formulation, it is easy to deal with and adjust the core powder formula.

Inductor heating will have active causes and passive reasons, when the inductor actively generates a heat source, from the physical conditions to discuss, can be summarized as magnetic loss or copper loss two major factors, and there are many conditions and reasons behind these two factors.

The above are some cases of inductor heating problems for reference only, because different cases are different and need to be analyzed specifically.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the relevant information, please feel free to contact us.

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