Notes on the use of inductor coils

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GOTREND-Article-Notes on the use of 【 inductor coils 】

1、Basic considerations for inductors
2、Installation precautions for SMD inductors
3、Caution for Applying Excessive DC Current
4、Cleaning and washing
5、Scope of Operation and Environment
6、Safety Precautions


1、Basic considerations for inductors:
Install the inductor on the printed circuit board, subject to the component does not exceed from the PC board.
Keep away from high temperature parts such as heat source radiation.
When inserting, be careful not to over grip or push the part to avoid damaging the component.
Do not use dropped inductors, once the inductors fall off, their electromagnetic properties of the ferrite core may change when subjected to excessive stress or impact.
Do not make any contact with other parts to avoid capacitive coupling, electromagnetic interference.
Ensure that the inductor has sufficient space and insulation distance from the high voltage components and power supply to comply with applicable safety regulations. And please note that do not touch the metal conductor part of the body.


When bending the pins of the inductor, should be take care to ensure that the pin roots area is not affected, and excessive mechanical stress is applied to the pin roots of the components, electrical damage may be caused.
When the inductor device is clamped by the tweezers, avoid touching the wire pack and any wire ends to avoid damage to the part.
Inductor devices are heat source elements and should be installed in a position with good heat dissipation and where the area is no masking.
Any high temperature mounting or processing, should refer to the conditions of the datasheet to avoid damage to the parts.


2、Installation precautions for SMD inductors :
In addition to the same precautions as Dip plug-in inductors, the following tips have been added:
The strength of the SMT nozzle and the force of the punching force may affect the safety of the inductor body.
Some high-frequency inductors have the characteristics of inductive polarity. When installing, the directionality of the electrode must be properly identified.
When applied to high-density SMT installations, be aware of whether electromagnetic interference will be caused.
After the components are installed, do not over bend or twist the printed circuit board.
Any high-temperature mounting or processing use should refer to the conditions of the datasheet to avoid damage to the parts. Please note whether the bottom of the part is soldered or falsely soldered after SMT, which will cause the DCR to be too high and cause the abnormal temperature rise to burn out the inductor device.
Inductor devices dropped during processing are not recommended for continued use.


3、 Caution for Applying Excessive DC Current :
The IDC is interpreted as a rated current, which is the party that Isat & Irms is defined as the smaller value:
Isat saturation current:
The current value when the inductance drops by 10% from the starting point (or % of the value defined in the datasheet).
Irms temperature rise current:
The current value at which the average temperature of the inductor coil itself rises from the starting point to 20°C (or the temperature value defined in the datasheet).
It is forbidden to exceed the maximum current value of the specification.


4、Cleaning and washing
Ultrasonic cleaning must be within 5 minutes, 20W/liter or less.
Certain acidic or alkaline cleaners may damage parts. Before mass production, test to confirm reliability.
Volatile cleaners used in ultrasonic cleaning, such as methanol, isopropanol, etc., please confirm the reliability in advance.
The resonance effects of inductors, printed circuit boards, and the cavity of the cleaning equipment can cause abnormal vibration frequencies and damage components.


5、Scope of Operation and Environment
When applied in environments filled with corrosive gases such as chlorine, sulfur, acid, extreme heat, etc., you must undergo a rigorous reliability and lifetime assessment.
Keep the inductor away from all magnets and magnetic objects:
(metal forceps for magnets) and device-generated magnetic fields (audio speakers).


6、Safety Precautions
Any electronic product circuit application has its precise considerations, especially about aviation, medical, rail transit, or any human life safety related products, your own large number of verification and evaluation is the most important basis, We only clarify the specifications and quality assurance for its mechanical and physical structure and electrical characteristics.
And can't be guessed and guaranteed for your various application variables, it is recommended that in addition to carefully reviewing the specification conditions, if there are any more sensitive or controversial applications, please maintain good communication and interaction with us, and discuss the feasibility of safe design and mass production use!

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