What is the difference between a multilayer ceramic inductors and a ferrite inductors?

2022.11.30 Articles GOTREND Technology Co.,Ltd

GOTREND Article-What is the difference between a multilayer ceramic inductors and a ferrite inductors?
GOTREND has a wide variety of inductors, magnetic bead inductors are one of the commonly used inductors in GOTREND, such as GBD / GBL / GTC-Series of bead inductors, the materials used in which there are ceramic bodies and ferrites, which serve as a coil winding bracket, but also an important material for inductance composition. Our common basic is ferrite inductor, which is also the most widely used material.

Ceramic inductors are generally used in less, so do we understand the characteristics of ceramic inductors?
Is there any difference between that and ferrite inductors?

(1) What are the characteristics of Ceramic Inductors : 
1.1 Ceramic inductors have small size and miniaturized mounting characteristics 
1.2 High quality, high Q value, high stability characteristics 
1.3 High SRF(self-resonant frequency), high precision, high temperature resistance and high reliability 
1.4 The production process is more complicated and the cost is high 
1.5 Stable inductance and high Q value at high frequencies

(2) What are the characteristics of Ferrite Inductors :
2.1 The range of inductance is large, and a large inductance can be achieved,small loss, large allowable current
2.2 The production process is inherited, simple and low cost 
2.3 Ferrite materials have a wide range of applications and High power transmission capability
2.4 High permeability, low attenuation rate  
2.5 Wide range of uses, more selective shape and size

(3) The main differences between Ferrite Inductors and Ceramic Inductors are as follows :
3.1 The scope of application is different : 
Ferrite inductors are applied to low frequencies, generally below 100MHz; Ceramic inductors, on the other hand, are used at high frequencies, and different inductors use different frequencies, ranging from hundreds MHz to thousands MHz. 

3.2 The measurement frequency is different : 
The measurement frequency of ceramic inductors is generally at and up 100MHz; Ferrite inductors measure frequencies from hundreds KHz to couple MHz,…etc. according to different inductor values.

3.3 The Q value is different : 
The ceramic inductor has a small Q value at the frequency under 100MHz and increases with the increase of the frequency; The Q value of the ferrite inductor is larger at the frequency under MHz  and decreases as the frequency increases.


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